Drain Tile Steps By A Professional

Drain tile ensures your foundation walls stay intact. The drain tile is a perforated pipe under your yard that carries water to an outlet away from your basement so no flooding can occur. At Sir Williams Gardens we take pride in the workmanship we do when installing drain tiles. Residential and commercial property owners can be relieved knowing their drain tile is protecting their property from water damage.

Drain Tile – Assessment

Assessing the site to best identify the location of a water outlet from the drain tile is a crucial step. Our professional team will excavate a trench where the drain tile will lie next to your foundation to create a slope to drive the water out quickly. After the pipe is laid carefully and before filling the trench, testing is done to ensure the slope is well maintained. We take time to ensure all of the work is done perfectly and efficiently to keep our customers happy.

More Information On Drain Tile

At Sir Williams Gardens we provide more than drain tile services. We provide services including drain tile installation, outdoor plumbing, perennial garden installation, hardscapes and so much more. Are you interested in learning more about drain tile services? Call today to talk about the assorted options and services we can provide you. You can reach us at (248) 252 – 5248 or contact us online today.