Drain Tile – Do I Need It?

A drain tile is a system that ensures ground water does not infiltrate a basement or crawl space and direct the water away from the house. It is a good feature to have in case there is a period of heavy rain and water problems around the house arise. A drain tile is a PVC pipe that is laid under the ground around the home’s foundation. The purpose of it is to collect water before water flows into the basement. It can either direct the water downhill away from the home foundation or into a collection pit where a sump pump can remove it.

Residential Drain Tile

There are two ways a drain tile system can be installed. One way is around the outside of the home’s foundation or two as an interior drain tile around the inside of the foundation. The best time to install the drainage system is after the foundation footer of a new house is laid and before further construction has begun. You may be asking if you need drain tiles. Today, most building codes require drain tile around all concrete foundations that retain an enclose habitable space below the ground. However, a drainage system is not a requirement if your foundation is installed on well-drained soil. Fortunately, drain tiles are easy to install during the early phases of home construction and are fairly affordable.

Drain Tile Installation From Sir William’s Gardens

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