Waterproofed Basement

3 Signs to Know if Your Basement Needs Waterproofing

It’s not common for homeowners to consider waterproofing their basement. Why? Because most of them don’t look out for their basements until a major problem arises. As a result, they find it difficult to fix the issue, and even worse, they spend a lot of time and money on repairs. 

If you don’t want the same case to happen to you, be proactive about your house’s condition. If you’ve failed to waterproof your basement when it’s already necessary, you may experience flooding, and the integrity of your house’s structure will weaken. 

If you have no idea when you should waterproof your basement, you can refer to these signs:

basement needing waterproofing

Sign #1: If Your Basement Has Water Stains

The first and most obvious sign to know if your basement needs to be waterproofed is when you occasionally see some water stains on your basement walls or floors. This sign might indicate that there’s groundwater that has been formed outside your house. The stains could also be due to seepage through wall cracks. 

Once you notice this sign, make sure to act on it immediately because that will lead to more serious problems if ignored. However, inspect the stains thoroughly before panicking. Ensure that someone in your house did not cause the stain, or the stain is not due to a washing machine overflow. If it’s not, then call a professional right away. 

Sign #2: If You Notice Unwanted Smells in Your Basement

While basements are usually for storage, it doesn’t mean that they should stink. If you smell a distinct musty, damp odor in your basement, there might be water leaking somewhere that you can’t see. The humidity causing the unpleasant odor may also be created by home appliances and fixtures, like washing machines, water heaters, or sinks. Whatever the case, make sure to have your basement inspected and have it waterproofed if necessary. 

Sign #3: If There’s an Efflorescence (White Sparkles) in Your Basement

Don’t be amazed once you see a sparkling light effect at the right angle when looking at bare floors or walls in your basement area. It’s not a magical and dazzling effect. That case is a sign that there’s a presence of moisture in your basement that can affect your house’s structure negatively. 

Once you see that sparkling light effect, it will mostly include powdery white staining on walls. That phenomenon happens because of the evaporation of moisture. Those powdery stains are the breakdown of lime found in the cement mix used to make your walls and floors. 

If there’s an efflorescence effect in your basement, call a professional that can waterproof your basement immediately. 


Look out for these signs and act on them immediately once you notice them in your basement. If you just ignore them, your house is not the only one that will suffer, but your whole family as well. They may experience sickness caused by toxic molds that your basement might have, so make sure not to leave your basement wet and waterproof it as soon as you can. 

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