Drain Tile Installation

Protect your home and save $250 off any drain tile project off $2,500 or more!

Your home is your most important investment, be sure to protect it from these Michigan winters. Winter is known to wreak havoc on our lawns, protect it today with our “Outdoor Plumbing” drainage and Drain Tile Services. Melted snow and rain can turn even the most beautiful backyards into marshy swampy messes, and its more than an inconvenience. Did you know that a flooded backyard can damage your home as well?

A common misconception about basement leaks is that it has to do with foundation of your home, in fact many leaks are caused by the drainage system surrounding the home which means water from your  yard can find its way indoors. The costs associated with water damage to your home doesn’t stop at repaired drainage systems, it can also be from flooding damage to your belongings.

Sir Williams Gardens offers a wide range of landscaping services to beautify and improve your home or outdoor space, and our specialty is drain tile installation and repair. This serves as a form of “outdoor plumbing”, turning the marshland on your property into a livable yard as well as protecting your home from further water damage.

Dry Creek Beds

Dry Creek Beds help facilitate directing water away from a property. If your property has a slope it is easy for water to work its way towards your home or business. Excess water can leak into basements and cause property damage. The best way to prevent this from happening is installing a drainage system that can direct the flow of water away from the property. Dry creek beds are practical drainage solutions while also being aesthetically pleasing. Adding landscaping around the bed can increase the curb appeal of your property while also performing a much needed service.

Drain Channels

Drain Channels are another way to help facilitate directing water away from a property. Also called a trench drain, drain channels are a specific type of floor drain used for rapid movement of water. Unlike dry creek bed, this type of drain is usually hidden and not a part of the landscaping. These drains use a covering to prevent obstructions from reducing or stopping the flow of water and are usually flush with the surface of the ground. Drain channels are a great way to prevent unexpected property damage from water seeping into your basement.

Drainage Tile Solutions

Having drainage problems? Looking to have drain tiles installed? If your home doesn’t have a proper drainage system you could be facing foundation damage as well as mold and mildew problems. At Sir Williams Gardens we provide drain tile installation as well as dry well services.

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