Handyman Services

  • Preventative Maintenance – The best way to prevent problems from surfacing in various installations, fittings, and features in your home is to opt for our preventive handyman services. As part of these maintenance services, we will check all the features and fittings and fix small problems and faults before they aggravate and become bigger problems that can lead to costly and invasive repairs.
  • Custom Installations and Repairs – We can install patio and deck features, handle minor roof repairs and gutter and downspout installation and repair jobs. Plumbing, electrical, siding, tiling, and landscape maintenance- we handle it all at a very reasonable cost.

With over 35 years of handyman experience, we know what it takes to provide our clients with solutions that work for them. For reliable handyman services for your property, feel free to call us at (248) 252-5248 or send us project details here.

As a homeowner you know exactly how much time and effort goes into maintaining your property. You have to ensure that all the areas in and around your home are neat and clean at all times, but you also need to ensure all the features are in a state of good working order. It’s easy to put off fixing a creaking floorboard, ignore peeling paint or even fix the dent in the drywall in your bedroom.

The truth is, it’s never a good idea to ignore or out off these jobs and push them into the background to be forgotten. These problems can easily worsen in no time which can lead to costly repairs in the future. In these cases it’s best to have a skilled handyman regularly attend to small things that need fixing or changing in and around your property. This is where Sir Williams Gardens can help. We are one of the leading and most customer-centric local handyman companies in this area.

We have handled a large variety of handyman jobs for clients in and around Plymouth, Canton, Northville and Novi. In the recent years, many property owners from Livonia, Salem, Farmington and Farmington Hills have begun contacting us for these services as well. We have also built a very strong customer base across Southfield, Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti and the surrounding areas.

We provide all types of handyman services including:

Drywall Repairs

Most homes have a large number of drywall installations; while these provide a smooth and even base for wall finishings, they need to be installed with care adn properly maintained. At times, drywall can suffer damage in the form of a dent, crack or hole and should be fixed without delay. We can handle all types of drywall repair jobs skillfully and efficiently.

The Local Landscaping & Drainage Experts

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Areas We Service
Plymouth, MI • Canton, MI • Northville, MI • Novi, MI • Livonia, MI • Salem, MI • Farmington, MI • Farmington Hills, MI • Southfield, MI • and surrounding areas along with Ann Arbor, MI & Ypsilanti, MI