The condition of the paved areas on your property should always be excellent. Failure to perform regular maintenance and repair jobs can lead to accidents, increased maintenance cost, as well as unattractive outdoor spaces. To keep your paved areas 100% a paver remediation specialists can be of service. Getting the help of professionals is important since the repairs and maintenance work are better handled by highly skilled and properly trained crews.

Sir William’s Gardens can take care of all your paver remediation concerns. With more than two decades of experience in brick paver installation, repair, and maintenance, we know about all of the issues and problems that can arise with paved areas. We will provide you with long-lasting solutions that let you enjoy the benefits of having a beautiful and functional outdoor paved space. Please contact us at (248) 252-5248 for more information about our professional remediation services.

Trusted Paver Remediation Contractor

Sir Williams Gardens is one of the most trusted paver remediation contractors in Michigan. We have provided services to countless satisfied residential and commercial property owners in Canton, Plymouth, Ann Arbor, Northville, and surrounding areas. They choose us over other service providers in the area because of our professionalism, workmanship, and highly personalized service. We will only declare the job done when the client is completely satisfied with the results.

Here are some more reasons why clients trust us when it comes to paver repairs:

  • We have more than two decades of experience in the industry
  • We employ properly trained paver remediation crews
  • Our access to premium quality paving materials
  • We use high quality masonry tools and paving equipment
  • We work systematically and efficiently
  • We provide prompt completion of all projects

Skilled and Versatile Maintenance Crews

Sir William’s Gardens is composed of highly skilled and versatile maintenance crews. Whether the job involves replacing broken pavers or correcting a poorly installed paver feature, our crews will always work proficiently and promptly. Our paver remediation team can work on any kind of brick paver repair job on residential and commercial properties. Aside from brick pavers, they can also work with other types of paving materials including stone and clay bricks.

Our paver remediation service also includes paver cleaning and sealing. Cleaning and sealing your pavers can bring them back to the beauty and functionality they had when they were brand new. Dirt and stubborn stains can mar the beauty of the paved surface, regular cleaning is recommended to keep the paved surface looking and functioning at the highest level. Sealing will protect your pavers from stains and damages caused by harsh outdoor elements like weather and foot traffic. We recommend cleaning and sealing your pavers to extend the life and maintain their pristine condition.

The paver features and amenities that we can work on include but are not limited to the following:

  • Driveways
  • Walkways
  • Paver patios
  • Pool decks
  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Sitting areas
  • Parking lots
  • Entryways
  • Courtyards
  • Sidewalks
  • Garden paths

To learn more about our paver remediation services call us today at (248) 252-5248.

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