5 Types of Tree Perfect For Poolside Landscaping (and Why)

Every backyard pool deserves to be surrounded by the finest landscaping for it to feel like a piece of paradise. One crucial element to landscaping poolsides is choosing the right trees to surround the area. 

Unlike backyards, poolside trees should not be the kind to shed leaves often for easier maintenance. The trees also determine the aesthetic of the whole landscape, so they have to adhere to a vision from the start. 

Here are a few fantastic tree recommendations that landscapers may have you choose from:

5 Types of Tree Perfect For Poolside Landscaping (and Why)


If tropical paradise is the look you’re going for, palm trees are a classic choice for poolsides. These trees genuinely make you feel like you’re stepping into a resort.

There are plenty of palm trees to choose from, though ideally, you wouldn’t want the tallest ones. The roots of most poolside palm trees are thin yet strong, so they won’t crack your concrete or fall that easily. 

Fruitless Olive

Fruitless olive trees are round and bushy, just like the trees that you’d find in the middle of concrete sidewalks or front of buildings. These simple trees are diverse and can fit right into any aesthetic, including poolsides.

These trees can grow as tall as a two-story house, though some variants can stay small. Throw some warm lights under these trees at night, and they will cast the most beautiful shadows and provide an elegant and romantic vibe, perfect for poolside date nights.


Nothing screams summer more than the bright colors of citrus fruits hanging out in your backyard. Citrus trees that bear oranges and lemons bring light and vibrant energy to poolside backyards. Besides the colors brightening up your summer, they also come with free citrus fruits to make fresh juice for a hot day. 

Palo Verde

If you’re not keen on raising a tree with fruit but still want a vibrant color to surround your pool, the palo verde tree is something that you might love. These trees come with deep yellow flowers that bloom in the spring. Its most notable feature is its green trunk, which can make it a colorful addition to the poolside landscape.

Hinoki Cypress

If you want a simple tree to maintain that doesn’t stick out too much, the hinoki cypress will suit your landscape well. Despite looking like a Christmas tree, the bonsai version of this tree has been incorporated into many classic poolside designs. They’re usually visual support for other surrounding plants. 


Poolside landscaping is one of the most elegant and luxurious kinds of work you do in your backyard. Trees bring the much-needed green element that completes the vibe of the design you’re going for. Knowing your plant options can enhance the whole aesthetic and determine how much maintenance you will need.

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