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Mold and mildew, April showers, failing sump pumps, cracks, and leaks affect Michigan basements every year. Temporary solutions steal your energy and money! We can help…


A leaky basement can cost thousands in damage and repairs. Our waterproofing experts help you save money and keep your investment secure.

Water Leaks

Musty and damp odors, in your basement are a definite sign of a water problem, left untreated the problems will just be exacerbated, ruining your foundation.

French Drains

Standing water in the basement can be a common problem in Michigan. French Drains are the most expensive option and the last resort. But if you feel defeated, schedule an appointment with us. Sir Williams Gardens, Drainage and Waterproofing Solutions has lower priced options to choose from without being forced to choose a competitors high priced (system) that weakens the integrity of the basement without correcting the root cause for water leaking into the basement from the outside. We can fix those cracks, leaky rod holes and waterproof your basement walls and floor, with no need to jack hammer through the basement floor and creating dust, affecting the floor integrity causing more cracks and being sold an expensive de-humidifier.

Our effective waterproofing solutions are the first line of defense to ensure a dry and clean basement. For protecting critical areas, like basements and crawl spaces, French drains make the best option.

What’s the difference with our exterior drainage solutions and other waterproofing systems?

Sir Williams Gardens, Drainage and Waterproofing Solutions works with the true root causes of water leaking into a basement or crawl space. Our drainage solutions are engineered and designed to correct exterior conditions which lead to water leakage.

Working to correct exterior outside reasons that leed to hydrostatic pressure are caused by water standing around the foundation and saturating the soil. Our Drainage Solutions and Waterproofing work to eliminate Hydrostatic Pressure by correcting exterior water causes like water standing around your foundation. In the majority of all homes, correcting exterior water issues resulted in eliminating Hydrostatic Pressure and never needed a French Drain in the first place. In all of the 25 homes My family owed for over 40 years, we always addressed water issues from the outside and then addressed Rod Holes and cracks with simple solutions. No expensive French Drains or high pressure polyurethane were ever required. Not even in my current two homes. I invite everyone to experience the difference with Sir Williams Gardens Drainage Solutions and Waterproofing.

Other Waterproofing systems only deal with water after it has leaked into the the basement or crawl space. Those systems need the Basement cement floor Jack hammered through to install a tiny box collection system or digging trenches in a crawl space where some of the water is guided into the sump pump pit
And is pump out through a discharge line just several feet away from the house.
Most of these systems never handle all the water and in some cases cause more water to leak in. Some systems even try to cover the wall hiding the water leaking into their small channel box systems that have barely enough cement to cover them up, cracking after awhile and allowing water to seek up through the cement, flooding the basement. They created a higher humidity level, needing a expensive de-humidifyer to eliminate the humidity levels in the basement.

At Sir Williams, we believe that the exterior causes of water leakage must be addressed first. In the majority of homes and businesses, when the exterior causes are addressed properly, water leakage is eliminated with no need for a interior French Drain.

Crack Repairs

Rod holes are caused from tie rods being removed during construction of your basement. As a result over time, the material that is placed in the hole by the builder can degrade, allowing water to seep through. Let Sir Williams Drainage & Waterproofing Solution help you with this problem, protecting the integrity of your basement walls.(Dry Lock fast plug hydraulic cement).

Rod Hole Repairs

Cracks appear when the tie rods are removed during construction, and as a result, over time, water seepage becomes a common problem.

Don’t put off the idea of repairing rod holes, and leave it to us to get rid of nasty cracks. Improve the structural integrity, and keep out bacteria and mold.

Sump Pumps

Keeping water out of your basement is a headache, install a high quality sump pump! We believe a Zoller 1/2 horse power sump pump is minimal standard to install. It’s always the right time to install a sump pump. Collecting water from the drain tile the Sump pump moves the water out and away from the basement.

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At Sir Williams Drainage & Waterproofing Solution, we take pride in keeping your property safe from the most damaging element…water. Our highly skilled and experienced team can waterproof any leaky basement in Michigan. While we don’t sacrifice quality for speed, we are efficient with our processes, and get your home waterproofed and ready to resist the elements.

Whether you are already facing water damage, or just need us to inspect your basement, give us a call. We can help you maintain and protect your biggest investment your home!

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