Expert Drainage Solutions in Michigan

Michigan winters are hard on your yard, and can ruin a yard from drainage issues. Drainage issues require immediate Drainage solutions. We’re here to help!

Sir Williams Drainage and Waterproofing Solutions offer a wide-range of services to remediate a watery mess.

Let us take care of your swamp!

Our team of experts revamp your outdoor space and protect your property from future water damage.

French Drains

We are here to help with your yard. One of our solutions is a French drain. These are used to divert excess water in our yard. A practical investment to manage water, protecting your property!

Drain Tile

Michigan is notorious for turning yards into swamps. Drain tile is a great aesthetic method of beautifying your yard, and manage excess water. Get rid of the cause of mold and mildew by managing the water in your yard with our drain tile.


Stormwater Management

Don’t let a downpour stress you out. Sir Williams is here to help. Reduce the risk of flooding caused by storms using our innovative expert solutions. We give you confidence with our water management solutions. While functionality is important, we make sure your drainage solution looks good! Our minimally invasive approach will make your neighbors jealous.

Dry Wells

Has a storm forced you to deal with stormwater run-off? Dry wells serving as a part of the exterior drainage system can help reduce the damage by channeling, or diverting, the excess water. It is an alternative to French drains, used to protect your home’s foundation. If your lawn has a history of flooding, pooling, or becomes reminiscent of a swamp, call us to help!
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Driveway Channel Drains

Once you notice mold on the siding, it’s time to schedule an appointment, because you need to resolve it immediately using driveway channel drains. Commonly known as trench drains, channel drains move water away from your home foundation and garage. Our permanent drainage solution protects driveways, gardens, garages, and basements. Boost your property value with this simple setup!

Channel Drains

One solution with many benefits! Channel drains prevent flooding on side walks, driveways, basements, and crawlspaces. Channel drains are a long-term investment that keep mosquitoes from laying eggs in your yard, keeping your backyard cleaner and healthier. Let our professionals prevent potential structural damage and keep it safe for the kids.

Curtain Drains

Slightly different from French drains, curtain drains collect water and help divert it away from the structure or property. If you need water management for your home, a curtain drain is the perfect solution. If you aren’t sure which type of drain to use, we are a phone call away.

Fake Creeks

For redirecting water away from perennial gardens, fake creeks are the water management solution. Excess water leads to pooling, and ultimately, leaking basements and potentially thousands of Dollars in damages. Our proven methods save you money, and protects your property at the same time. Contact us for a practical and aesthetic solution!


Don’t let water pooling take a toll on your yard! Grading moves storm-water away and is very effective at minimizing long-term damage. It is a simple yet effective solution to keep up the home’s integrity. Make your yard naturally manage water drainage without touching it ever again.

french drain

Catch Basins

Catch basins block debris and keep the downpipes unclogged. With a lot of rainfall in Michigan, this solution helps keep the water running smoothly and diverts it effectively away from portions of the home that are susceptible to damage.


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Redirecting melting snow or rainwater is no joke! Excess water can result in swampy lawns, and permanent damage to your foundation. At Sir Williams Drainage Solutions and Waterproofing and Waterproofing, we can handle ANY problems with over 30 years experience.

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