Sump Pump Installation & Repair

Anyone who has lived in Michigan long enough can tell you
how much of an issue basement flooding can be late in the winter and early in
the spring. As the temperature in the air begins to rise, the ground remains
cold and hard, unable to absorb moisture. Water has nowhere to go, and
eventually ends up in your home.

This is just one of the scenarios that could lead to your
basement flooding, which leads to property damage and all sorts of headaches.
One potential solution to this problem is to have a sump pump installed in your
home. Here at Sir Williams Drainage and Waterproofing Solutions, we’ve been
doing just that for the people of Michigan for over 40 years.

Canton, MI Sump Pump Installation

A Sump Pump can be an important line of defense against
flooding in the event of major rainstorms. The pump will be placed in your
basement, where a pit underneath it will collect water. When the water level
reaches a certain point, the sump pump will turn on and pump water out of the
pit and away from the home’s foundation, saving you from flooding and water
damage. We’ve been installing these devices for customers like you for decades.
And if you already have a sump pump that is in need of maintenance or repair,
we can help with that  as well.

Sir Williams Drainage and Waterproofing Solutions in Canton, MI

Sir Williams Drainage and Waterproofing Solutions has been
helping residential property owners like you all over the Metro Detroit Area
and surrounding towns with high quality services for more than 45 years. It’s
our belief that the best investment you can make in your backyard is an
effective drainage system to prevent internal and external flooding.

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sump pump operating for the winter season