Dry Well Installation in Canton, MI

There are a surprising number of water runoff sources on your property. Some are obvious, like your sump pump or roof. But others, such as excess rainwater pooling in hard-to-spot places on your landscape, may be more overlooked. Either way, they can all add up to flooding that has the potential to seriously damage your home.

Sir Williams Drainage and Waterproofing Solutions can help you protect your landscape, foundation, and home in Canton from water damage with expert dry well installation. Say goodbye to your swampy lawn and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with effective drainage solutions.

Premier Dry Wells in Canton

When you choose the Sir Williams team for your dry well installation in Canton, you can feel confident it’ll be set to last. Our dry wells have a 200-250-gallon capacity and are filled with ¾-1” of stone gravel. They also include an optional relief line, 10 feet of solid drainpipe, and a pop-up emitter.

During installation, we’ll bury your dry well 10 inches below the soil and install a non-woven geo-textile fabric around it. This helps avoid silt contamination as it soaks up and redistributes excess water to make it safer and longer lasting. These extra measures make the quality of our dry wells a step above the rest and will keep your landscape looking flawless.

Sir Williams Drainage and Waterproofing Solutions has over four decades of experience solving water and flooding issues for homeowners in Canton and beyond. We’d be happy to help determine if a dry well is right for your property or if one of our other drainage solutions would be a better fit.

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