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Home Maintenance Basics: Effects of Water Drainage Issues

Even though water may seem completely harmless, it can cause an incredible amount of damage when left unchecked. Even a small drip in your home can go from a minor annoyance to thousands of dollars in damage. Learn how to redirect water away from your house so that you may repair the problem before it becomes a big one.

Here are some issues you might encounter if you fail to take care of water drainage:


Mold thrives in moist environments; therefore, if inadequate drainage results in moist environments in or around your house, mold problems may result. It’s not only that mold is disgusting; it may also cause health problems such as eye and skin irritation, coughing and wheezing, as well as lung infections and pneumonia.

Mosquitos and Other Pests

Mosquitoes and other pests may rapidly establish a breeding ground in your yard if water is left to pool or stay stagnant for long periods. Typically, mosquitoes will deposit their eggs in stagnant water, where they will reproduce in shallow water. Aside from being a nuisance, they also post the risk of transmitting diseases such as the West Nile virus, Zika, and malaria, among others.

Basement Leaks

If you do not adequately redirect water from your house, it will find a way to get out. It is most often found at the basement level of a house, where it may be introduced via window wells, gaps in the walls or floor, mortar joints, or porous concrete.

The presence of water in the basement may result in stains and musty odors. It may also cause harm to the things you are keeping and make it challenging to utilize the room as a living space. For even worse, excessive amounts of water in the basement may contribute to or be the consequence of foundation problems.

Foundation Damage

The foundation of a house is the essential component of the structure and is responsible for its structural stability. Because your whole home is supported by its foundation, any damage to it may be a significant financial and safety issue. It may also depreciate the value of your house or, in the worst-case scenario, render your home unsellable. The most significant reason for diverting water away from your house is the danger of damage to your home’s foundation.

How to Divert Water from Your Home

Clean Your Gutters

That is an essential and completely free activity. Cleaning should begin with cleaning around the downspout, followed by a trip up a solid ladder to check and clean the gutters along the edge of the roof. To prevent clogging, reach into the gutter and pick away any leaves, twigs, and other debris that may have accumulated there. Use a trowel to reach or grab anything challenging to reach or grasp with your hands.

After you’ve removed all of the muck from the gutter, flush it out. If the water runs freely through the gutter but does not exit via the downspout, you may have a clog in the downspout itself. In such a scenario, you may need to remove the downspout to continue working on it.

Create a Rain Garden

A rain garden may assist in collecting runoff, slowing it down, and allowing it to seep into the ground more effectively. Mulch, several layers of soil, and plants tolerant of damp conditions are included in the garden’s design. To ensure that the water reaches its target, build a garden at least 10 feet from the house and ensure that the yard slopes toward it.

Install a Rain Barrel

A rain barrel may be an alternative solution if you cannot lengthen your downspout due to the downspout placement. A rain barrel would be used to collect rainwater instead of it being dumped into the driveway or the ground. The barrel can be used to hold water until you could dispose of it, typically by reusing it to water your grass.

That is particularly beneficial in terms of decreasing your water use and, therefore, your water cost. Even though many people keep their rain barrels under their downspouts, the rain barrel may be placed wherever water gathers from above sources, including the ground.

If you decide to build a rain barrel on your property, be sure that it is placed on a level surface capable of supporting the weight of a fully-loaded barrel of water. Obtain a rainwater diverter, keeping mosquitoes away and preventing debris from pouring into the rain bucket.

Final Thoughts

Water collecting near any home has the potential to cause movement in the structure. When soil is moist, it will usually expand, and when it is dry, it will typically shrink. These forces of expansion and contraction will induce structural movement over time as they expand and shrink. If the issue is not resolved, it can cause severe structural damage over time.

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