why you need a fire pit

Five Reasons Why You Need A Fire Pit

[Updated April 2022]

One of the best things about summer, hands down, is being able to take it slow all day and enjoy a drink at sunset. However, there’s another aspect that a number of people conveniently miss out on. When night falls, the temperature drops considerably. That doesn’t mean the outdoor fun is over; if anything, it can be the starting point.

The solution is easy: an outdoor fire pit. Having a fireplace or fire pit outdoors is great on several levels. Aside from the aesthetic benefit, given the architectural design bonus points, there are many advantages.

Here’s why you need an outdoor fireplace or fire pit:

An Outdoor Fireplace or Fire Pit Can Assist with Handling Bugs

We’ve all been practically harassed by mosquitos. In fact, you’ve probably had an evening outdoor gathering cut short by a bunch of them suddenly appearing and causing issues. With an outdoor fireplace or fire pit and some candles (usually citronella), the flying pests will stay away.

A good rule of thumb, in this case, is to burn softwood.

An Outdoor Fireplace or Fire Pit Makes a Home Far More Enjoyable

Entertainment doesn’t just have to be relegated to the living room with a TV or a particular den in the house anymore. Extend the fun outside with your fireplace or fire pit! It’s cost-efficient and allows you to host people in an environment that’s both comfortable and very aesthetically pleasing.

An Outdoor Fireplace or Fire Pit Will Add Character to a Home

Life is unpredictable, and sometimes, this may include the need to sell your house in the future. In those cases, having a fire pit for a fireplace outdoors helps to give a major edge over others. Moreover, the curb appeal will increase considerably, alongside the value of the home overall.

An Outdoor Fireplace or Fire Pit Will Allow You to Be Outside for Much Longer

This one seems obvious, but it’s worth noting. After all, why would you let the cold drive you inside if there’s a cozy fire to be around outside? It also helps to elevate yards into a more intimate space, perfect for “alone time” or even spending quality time with beloved family and/or friends. If anything, it can act like an outdoor extension of your interior living space.

An Outdoor Fireplace or Fire Pit Will Let You Design Your Space Well

You can easily center an entire design around a fire pit or fireplace outside. It makes for an inviting, lovely space. Whether or not there’s actually fire roaring in it, your garden area will get a major design boost. There are many styles and designs available, appropriate for practically any kind of outdoor space there is. 


An outdoor fire pit or fireplace is a great addition to any home for a number of reasons. It’s an amazing architectural design choice that helps with the home’s overall aesthetics. Additionally, it helps design space well, allows for outside gatherings to last longer, and makes a home far more enjoyable.

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