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Small Garden Landscaping Ideas for Michigan Owners

Having a small yard isn’t all that bad. In fact, it has its own advantages that you won’t find in larger plots. You may have a smaller room to work with, but that just means you can make a bigger impact even with a smaller budget. It also helps that you’ll have far fewer landscaping needs, and you’ll need fewer materials to maintain your yard. You’ll be able to save up on a lot of money on landscaping services in Michigan. So, if you want to get started on your new landscaping project, here are some small garden landscaping ideas you should consider.

Create a View

Let’s start with something simple, like putting up a simple pergola to give your small garden a grander feel. Arbors and pergolas are classic landscaping additions that allow you to frame a view and let the surrounding landscape speak for itself.

Make it Cozy

It may seem counterintuitive, but making your landscape look and feel cozy actually changes how your landscape looks. How is that possible? You can create escape nooks for reading, or a small section with some shade for relaxation are perfect examples of adding cozy elements in your yard. You can put a mid-height fence and lots of pretty plantings to divide up space and create those intimate zones that help you escape in your own little world.

Keep Plants in a Vertical Position

If you lack horizontal space, then the only way to expand is to build up. That’s why it’s good to look for shrubs and trees that max out interest as they grow up, not out. Try dwarf varieties for a small backyard, as well as more columnar evergreens. These are all perfect for making your yard look bigger and taller instead of wider and outspread.

Take Advantage of Foliage and Texture

If you have a small yard, that doesn’t mean you can only fit the smallest of plants in it. You can actually get a few big and bold tropical plants that create a lush feel in their surroundings. Their large leaves have a unique effect of changing the scale of a small area and making it seem larger than it actually is. 

Add Lighting

Landscape design in Michigan is more than just plants and paths. It’s also about highlighting certain areas in your landscape and making them stand out even at nighttime. You can do these by strategically placing lighting fixtures that highlight the best parts of your landscape to give that ethereal look. If you have a small path, you can light the way while giving just the right amount of light to the surrounding plants and shrubs.

Streamline the Surrounding

If you want to keep it more minimalistic, then getting rid of any visual clutter is also a great option. By streamlining your yard, you create a sense of calm and order. The easiest way to do this is to choose only a few plants or just one color and make it stand out. A good example is getting a couple of hydrangeas and boxwoods and lining them up on a path leading to a small deck in your backyard. 


Considering your garden landscaping needs can be an arduous task. Having a smaller yard, on the other hand, can make everything a little less complicated and more manageable. These landscaping ideas should help you come up with a carefully considered layout and more creative planting techniques to make the most out of your garden.

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