3 Ways of Reducing Your Water Bills Through Landscaping

Nature has a way of helping us when facing roadblocks. Just when you thought that the water bill for the month couldn’t be any higher, along comes the rain to help solve your garden watering needs. Nature provides us with an almost unlimited amount of resources to utilize. We are equipped with alternatives whenever we need to save up on utility costs.

Most people do not realize that even their backyard landscape can help them reduce their monthly water bills. It may seem trivial at first, but with the right amount of care and strategy, you’ll be able to cut back on costs:

Managing Your Sprinkler Systems

Some households prefer to have sprinkler systems in their yard to compensate for their lack of gardening skills. The most basic act of caring for our plants is to water them accordingly, and by neglecting them, we effectively allow them to wither away. 

Watering systems are a band-aid solution for some since they can water the whole garden in one go; however, it also tends to overwater plants, especially those who only need a certain amount to survive. It also consumes a lot, resulting in utility bills increasing for the month. By regulating this system, you decrease our bill significantly.

Installing a Rain Barrel

If you happen to live in a place that usually has a high amount of rain, then this tip may be perfect for you. By installing a rain barrel on your roof, you will be able to save up the rainwater every time it pours. 

The barrel will have a pipe that directly connects to a tap located in your yard. With this, you will no longer need to fire up your garden hose, as you have an almost unlimited supply of rainwater to use on your plants and other landscaping works. You may even use this to wash a couple of your gardening tools, making sure that not a single drop will go to waste.

Creating a Rain Garden

Rain gardens are spots in your yard that will slowly absorb rainwater to regulate the amount of moisture your plants will need in the long run. You can dig a specific area near your plants and surround that with rocks and stones. The rainwater will accumulate on that depression, after which the soil will absorb it slowly. 

Not only will this prevent you from using your garden hose, but it will also provide your plants with natural moisture straight from the rain. Keep in mind that you are not making a mini-pool with this method but rather a natural watering system, which allows your plants to receive their needed nutrients in a regulated manner.


Conscious landscaping is a fantastic way to reduce your water bills significantly. Not only are you lessening your water consumption, but you are also giving your plants a chance to enjoy the wonders of nature, all of which are readily available each time it rains. 

Use the above tips to your advantage and make the most of the rainy weather. Take good care of your garden, manage your landscape accordingly, and watch your flowers bloom in time.

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