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What You Need To Know About Basement Waterproofing

Living in the Great Lakes State shouldn’t mean a great lake in your basement. However, with large seasonal shifts and a flood-prone landscape, wet basements are a persistent problem in the Detroit suburbs. So whether you live in Ypsilanti, Belleville, Van Buren, or Sumpter, there’s a basement waterproofing solution.

Causes of Wet Basements in Michigan

Knowing why there’s water in your basement is the first step in treating the problem. Weather plays a significant role, especially in Michigan, where melting snow and excessive springtime rain result in water collecting around your foundation. From there, the water can make it through cracks in your foundations, windows, and doorways with disastrous results.

However, it’s not just the changing seasons that result in Michigan basements flooding. Here are a few other common reasons why you could have a wet basement:

Hydrostatic Foundation Pressure

Since water is dense and heavy, its constant force on your foundation can eventually cause it to seep into your basement. Whether the water pushes through the wall-floor joint, the most common root of basement floods, or through porous concrete, the wet soil around your foundation is your home’s worst enemy.

The Clay Bowl Effect

When homes are built, a hole is dug into the ground to make room for your foundation. This hole is later filled in with looser, unsettled soil that absorbs water better than the packed Earth, essentially drawing the water toward your foundation.

Poor Perimeter Drainage

Clogged gutters, poorly installed downspouts, and drainage tile failure all result in water pooling around your home rather than being directed away. Also, a yard that slopes toward your home can result in water collecting too close to your foundation.

Plumbing Failures

Basement floods are often the result of leaky or burst pipes. While plumbing failures are the most avoidable cause of wet basements, they still can wreak havoc in your home when not identified quickly.

Basement Stairway Flooding

The entryway to your basement may be the culprit of your wet basement. Hatchway entrances are usually built separately from the foundation, creating a weak point that’s not sealed to your foundation’s walls. Metal hatchway doors can also be vulnerable, especially when not flush with the concrete frame.

Wall and Floor Cracks

Cracks in your foundation are an obvious weak point where water can enter your home. These cracks are caused by decades of foundational stress from the weight of your house, ground shifts, weather conditions, and environmental problems. Despite all the issues that basement wall and floor cracks cause, they can be filled easily by professional waterproofing companies.

Basement Waterproofing Methods

No matter the cause of your basement water issues, there is a waterproofing solution that can solve your water woes.

Foundation Repairs

A crack in your foundation is like leaving your door open for uninvited guests. Whether years of fluctuating weather conditions or the weight of your home caused the damage, these cracks allow water to seek into your basement, causing a whole host of problems. Luckily, basement waterproofing experts like Sir William Gardens can easily seal minor cracks in your foundation.

Rod Hole Repairs

Like foundation cracks, rod holes are a weak point in your foundation that gets worse over the years. As part of the construction process, metal tie rods were used when laying concrete for your foundation. After hardening, builders removed them and filled the holes. However, these filled holes can crack and cause leaks after years of temperature and environmental fluctuations. Therefore, repairing them is crucial for waterproofing your basement.

Sump Pumps

Whether used as a preventative measure to keep your basement dry or as a backup, a sump pump helps move water away from your drain tile. This interior drainage solution is especially beneficial when the ground around your home slopes towards your foundation and you need to pump it out.

French Drains

If you’re looking for a permanent solution to your drainage woes, a French drain might be the solution you’re after. A french drain is a gravel-filled ditch with a perforated PVC pipe that helps move water away from your house. By preventing water from pooling near your foundation, you can proactively prevent many of the worst basement issues homeowners face.

While ideally, you should install a french drainage system while your home is still being built and the foundation is exposed, you can still hire a professional drainage company such as Sir Williams Gardens to install one after the fact.

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Top-Rated Basement Waterproofing in Michigan

If you’re looking for the best basement waterproofing company in Michigan, look no further than Sir Williams Gardens. Their waterproofing solutions address both the exterior root of the problem, hydrostatic pressure from standing water around your foundation, and interior issues such as foundational and rod hole repairs for a complete waterproofing solution. Sir Williams Gardens can help you say goodbye to a wet basement by correcting your basement water problems from the root.

Sir Williams Gardens in Michigan can help you with your interior or exterior flooding issues.

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