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5 Precautionary Tips to Keep Your Home from Flooding

Flooding is the number one cause of water damage in Michigan households. If left unchecked, cracks and broken valves can lead to leakage and floods. 

To ensure that your house remains flood-free, here are several precautionary measures you must add to your routine.

1. Check Your Sump Pump

If you live in a house with a basement, chances are you have a sump pump. If you don’t know what a sump pump is, it is a pit with valves installed to detect rising water levels. Its purpose is to pump out water that may enter your basement during heavy rainfall.

To make sure that it’s doing its job, test your sump pump regularly. Make sure you have a backup battery in case you lose power. If you’re lucky, sometimes sump pumps already come with backup batteries installed.

2. Don’t Let Your Drains or Ditches Clog

Make sure you keep your drains and ditches clear from any blockage. Remove fallen leaves collected on the drainage pipes, and try to rake your lawn as much as possible. After raking, keep your leaves in a bag to avoid scattering them across your ditches.

Should any storms occur, make sure no fallen trees trunks or any other types of debris get into your ditches. Consult your local authorities about any major blockages.

3. Repair Any Grading

Make a note of any leakage spots in your home when it rains. The foundation of your home may slowly degrade with the wear and tear of these leaks. Make any repairs necessary every time you spot grading from your foundation.

It helps to install a drainage system if your leakage problem persists. That way, you can prevent flooding at any time.

For openings and cracks, especially in your basement or low windows, you can opt to seal or caulk them. Sturdy seals will prove effective against any water damage. Consider replacing old windows to ensure that the seal sticks and prevents water from entering.

4. Consider One-Way Valves

Check up on your drains regularly. It helps to have drains with one-way valves as they act as backflow prevention systems. Call a trusted plumber and consider getting these valves installed on your drains. One-way valves are a great counter to sewer backups. 

If your drains are old and unreliable, you need to upgrade them. This will prevent any leakages or clogging caused by worn drainage.

5. Have Flood-Prevention Tools on Standby

These days, it’s best to be prepared for anything. If you live in an area prone to flooding, consider installing flood skirts or barriers to any type of enclosure. These will easily block water from entering your house and causing damage.

It won’t hurt to have sandbags at your disposal. Sandbags are a great counter to any rising water and can absorb leaks from your doorways or windows. Buy a handful of sandbags and keep them close to your home openings for easy access.


To prevent flooding in your household, taking precautionary measures is absolutely necessary. By following these simple tricks, you can easily reduce the chances of flooding and dealing with any water damage in your home.

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