Waterproofed Basement

4 Reasons Why You Should Start Waterproofing Your Basement

[Updated March 2022]

In many homes, a basement is often where all of the forgotten things come to rest. Basements have been so overlooked that horror films portray them as a frightening part of the house where ghosts, monsters, and evil spirits hide. Luckily, in reality, you don’t have to worry about anything supernatural. 

However, although creepy creatures lurking in your basement aren’t something to be worried about, you should feel concerned about one very real possibility: a flooding basement. According to homesnacks.com, Michigan receives approximately 60 inches of snow a year, which ranks them in the sixth spot for snow accumulation for 2021 and 2022. When Michigan transitions from winter to spring, a lot of the accumulated snow begins to melt and the resulting water has a tendency to collect against foundations and basements, which can leak into basements through cracks and damages in the foundation.

Waterproofing the Basement

Wet basements are never fun; the pooling water can damage your possessions and even cause you to lose some of them when the basement floods. On top of damaged items in your basement, you also have to shell out a good amount of money on repairs that could have been avoided!

Fortunately, even though you have no power over the rain in Belleville, you can still prevent your basement from flooding by waterproofing it! Once you learn about the reasons why waterproofing the basement is essential, you’ll want to reach out to a waterproofing contractor immediately.

Goodbye to Basement Flooding Worries

Even if you don’t live near water, your basement still has a chance of flooding, especially if you haven’t had it waterproofed yet. To prevent floods from damaging your belongings and home, make sure to waterproof your basement.

As long as your basement is waterproofed, you won’t have to be concerned about what’s happening down there during extreme weather conditions!

Get Rid of the Musty Smell

Water problems in basements don’t always allude to flooding; sometimes, water damage presents itself in subtle ways, such as a musty smell. If the air feels damper and the basement smells different from other areas in the home, then the chances are that you have a leak, poor ventilation, or another issue. 

Make sure to bring a waterproofing contractor and plumber in your basement right away to get rid of the smell and the underlying water problem.

Prevent Mold Growth and Humid Basements

When you have a wet basement, you’re not only putting your belongings at risk but also your family, most especially. When mold forms due to the humidity in your basement, the people within the house can end up with flu-like symptoms, harming their health.

By waterproofing your basement, you won’t have to suffer from respiratory problems, itchy eyes, and skin rashes caused by mold exposure.

Raise Your House’s Value

There’s nothing like mold, water problems, and a wet basement to depreciate your home’s value. If you’re planning to sell your house in the future or simply want your property worth more, you have to waterproof your basement. Waterproofing the basement not only gives you peace of mind but also makes it easier to attract potential buyers.


A visually pleasing interior design, evergreen backyard, or nicely painted exterior aren’t all that make a home attractive and pleasant to live in. If you want to have a happy and comfortable home life, you must also protect your home inside and outside, from the bottom to the top. Make sure to waterproof the basement for the integrity of your house and the wellbeing of your family.

If you’re looking for the best waterproofing contractor in Belleville to take care of your basement, leave the job to our team at Sir Williams Drainage and Waterproofing Solutions! Our experienced basement waterproofing specialists will help you save money and keep your investment secure. Call us at (248) 252-5248 today!

Basement With Leak Needing Waterproofing

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