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Guaranteed Ways of Waterproofing Your Home’s Foundation

Ask anyone, and they will all tell you that their main focus when it comes to waterproofing their homes would usually lie on their interiors. Of course, no one wants their furniture and appliances to get soaked in water during storms. However, one thing that they often fail to tend to is their foundations.

The foundations of our homes are as important as the sections of the house. Make the crucial mistake of not maintaining them, and you may lose more than your belongings. A weak foundation has the tendency to crumble and compromise the safety of our household. If you do not check and tend to its small cracks, you are just putting your family in danger.

Forget about earthquakes and other major calamities; a weak foundation can do as much damage as it can from the inside of your house, or at least whatever will be left of it.

In such a case, one way of maintaining your foundation’s strength would be by ensuring that it doesn’t get wet. Luckily, the main indicator of a wet foundation can be seen in your basement. If it isn’t waterproofed, you will immediately see the signs.

If you want to learn the guaranteed ways of waterproofing your home’s foundations, look no further than the tips we have listed below.

Refill the Excavated Sections after a Renovation

There may come a time when you need to renovate your home. While the process normally requires a simple offset of wall removals and hammering, there are also instances when you may need to excavate or dig. Of course, you will also need to hire contractors when things get a bit out of hand; nonetheless, the renovation will be accomplished, and you may achieve a refurbished indoor look.

Now, while things may look bright and sunny from that point onwards, you may encounter a sudden leak in your basement. This is usually caused by recent excavations; wherein, the soil was not refilled well enough to stop rainwater from seething in. If you want to prevent that at all costs, make sure that your contractors were able to replace and refill the excavated ground.

Flatten Your Ground Outdoors

Due to extreme weather conditions, your outdoor soil may end up getting uneven over time. In such a case, you would need to flatten your ground and even refill those parts where the floor was easily uprooted and blown off by hurricanes. This may not seem much of a problem at first until you realize that uneven grounds usually simulate the shape of a wide cup or bowl, accumulating water and moisture.

If you would ignore these stalled puddles, it may seethe through the ground and into your foundation, further weakening it in the process.

Redirect Your Downspouts

Downspouts are the external pipes connecting your gutters to the ground. The water will travel through the gutters, through the spout, and into the ground during rainy seasons, preventing any flood or puddle from accumulating in your front yard. While things may seem normal after this, you must inspect the direction where the downspout is pointing to.

If the water is being grounded towards your foundations, feel free to readjust the pipes so that they will not be compromised.


Waterproofing your foundations may not be that simple; however, you may still be able to manage it by knowing the different tips and tricks we have listed above. Refilling the excavated areas, flattening your outdoor surfaces, and redirecting your downspouts may lengthen your foundation’s lifespan in the long run.

Remember, our home’s foundations must always be well-maintained; otherwise, we may end up risking our own household in the process.

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