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Weeping Tile, Worth Your While: 5 Reasons Your Home Needs It

Piping problems cause unsightly watermarks and leaks that ruin your home’s walls. Not only may a persistent leak result in having to replace the entire drainage system, but you’d also have to tear down an entire wall to make sure it doesn’t look spotty in one area. It’s a massive home improvement project with a hefty price tag, ranging from several hundred to several thousands of dollars.

If your walls could talk, they’d probably say, “We’re sick and tired of dealing with drain and leaks! Get some weeping tiles over here now! That should solve all our problems!”

What are weeping tiles? Are they tiles that cry and howl when they’re sad? Nope, but they’re an exciting backyard drainage solution you should consider for your entire home. Read on to find out five reasons why your home needs weeping tiles!

Water Doesn’t Mix with Your House

Also known as drain tiles, weeping tiles are a type of piping that gathers water from leaks, rainwater, melted snow, flooding, or even nearby bodies of water!

Without drain tiles, underground water builds pressure that rises against your house. Think of it as a colossal airbag slowly growing underneath the surface, except that it’s filled with pressurized water. The water pressure bursts forth at its peak and causes cracks, breaches, and severe property damage.

This system acts as a barrier from various water sources with drain tiles, keeping it safe and dry.

Water Is Drained Away from Your House

Weeping tiles also drain water away from your home when installed by an expert waterproofing contractor. Typically, contractors set them up near the foundation, which is the most crucial area of any building. Damage done to a home’s or office’s cornerstone could increase the likelihood of the building collapsing.

These tiles absorb, then redirect the water away from the foundation and house to ensure structural integrity.

It Waterproofs Your Basement Pretty Well

If a foundation breach is not a problem in your home, there’s the matter of flooded basements, as melted snow after winter or rainwaters after a storm could seep through windows and walls. Drain tiles prevent these unwanted, watery messes, too!

Instead of being installed outside your home, weeping tiles will be set up inside your walls to absorb and redirect water that passes through your home. This installation includes a sump pump to move the drain water to a storm sewer. Be sure to go over these details with your waterproofing contractor.

It’s Worth the Effort

Waterproofing your house’s exterior and interiors isn’t easy! You’re essentially placing a new home piping system, which takes a considerable amount of work.

For instance, these are the necessary tasks for laying drain pipes outside your house:

  • Digging a massive trench.
  • Laying gravel in the trench for stability.
  • Placing the drain pipes.
  • Securing the trench.

Now, here’s for placing drain pipes inside your house:

  • Tearing down the wall section(s).
  • Lining up the weeping tiles adjacent to the existing pipes.
  • Installing the weeping tiles.
  • Rebuilding the wall section(s).

Though an initially costly expense, the long-term benefits outweigh the disadvantages of a breached home.

They Prevent Aesthetic Damages

A brown, spotty area on a wall means a leak happened somewhere inside or outside your home. Painting over it seems like the ideal quick fix, but the watermarks will just keep returning until the main problem—the leak—is addressed. As with the fourth reason, the costly installation of weeping tiles reduces other long-term problems like tarnished walls due to unseen water damage.

In Closing

Every home needs protection from underground water damage that breaches foundations, cracks walls, and potentially destroys building structures. A weeping tile system assures users that underground water and pressure are led away through its simple pipe layout, keeping houses and homeowners free from worry against long-term damage and pricey repairs.

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